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OK, LET’S get one thing straight. I admit it. I’m an avowed, unapologetic Royalist – to the core. There’s as much chance of me wanting a politician to be elected British head of state, as there is of me being the first astronaut to land on Mars. In other words; no chance whatsoever. I have good reason. I know about politicians, I used to be one. Secondly, I have proudly sworn allegiance to Her Britannic Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, on three occasions. More importantly, I meant it. 

It’s a pity that two self-centred, self-pitying, extremely privileged members of Her Majesty’s own family don’t feel the same. Let us be quite clear, Harry & Meghan were not rejected by the Royal Family, THESE two attention-seeking, moaning minnies, rejected THEM and all they stand for, then went on to complain incessantly about the self-inflicted consequences. Everybody else is to blame, except them. They know everything about entitlement and nothing about responsibility, being prime examples of the so-called “snowflake generation”. 

Listening to their whinging and whining at the behest of that paragon of Hollywood-based, “right-on” elitism, Oprah Winfrey, you would never have guessed it. Let’s face it, I suspect the pinnacle of Hollywood is where a B movie “has-been” like Meghan Markle has always wanted to be. If so, mission accomplished Meghan, but at what cost to others? Besotted, deluded Harry, perhaps being the prime victim. As for Oprah’s so-called “scrutiny” of family relationships, where were the questions about Meghan’s bust-up with her own father and sister? Isn’t there a pattern here? If questions about one family are legitimate, then why aren’t those about the other? Could it be that this whole sorry debacle was merely an Oprah-provided platform for self-justification of the unjustifiable? 

For a couple who claim media intrusion was one cause of their abandonment of royal duties, happily spouting forth unsubstantiated accusations to the very embodiment of media celebrity, was hardly a way of escaping it, now was it? Neither was issuing photographs to the media of the loving couple embracing son Archie, just prior to their broadcast. The message was clear – it wasn’t “leave us alone”, it was “look at us” (but only on our terms), the abused, perfect couple. Still, it did make a change from Harry jetting around the world to complain about global warming. The phrase “do as I say, not as I do” springs to mind (check the Oxford dictionary Harry, it explains the word “hypocrisy”). “ME, ME, ME”, eh?

It gets even more pathetic. Allegedly, the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate), made Meghan “cry”. What horror of horrors caused that? Kate apparently disputed Meghan’s choice of dress for the attendant flower girls at her wedding. Oh, the shock of it all! How does one cope?

As a Royal, Meghan was “forced” to go to a charity event at the Albert Hall and the photos of that night “haunt me” she claims. Poor thing! For someone who makes more appearances before a camera lens than Samantha Fox appeared on page 3 of The Sun, I find that somewhat surprising. Royal duties made her “suicidal” whilst in the UK. Pardon? Isn’t that the ultimate attention seeking – threatening suicide, with hopefully no intention of doing it? She was “silenced” you see (if only). Harry consequently “saved her life” by moving to Los Angeles (pressurised, more like?). What utter rot. Comparing their situation to the tragic death of Harry’s mother was the last straw for me. Yet more “ME, ME, ME”.

Meghan claims she was “naive” about what royal duty entails. Really? If so, it is a trait I have rarely noticed her display in other regards, except perhaps her expectation that they could both abandon royal duties whilst retaining royal protection. What the hell did they expect? Continued taxpayer support? That’s why the poor things have “had to” make multi-million dollar deals with the likes of Netflix and Spotify. Harry complains “the money was cut off” and he feels “let down”. The horror of it all! How will they manage? You walked out mate, live with it. Less “ME, ME, ME” please.

Meghan wants to live “authentically” in their 14.5 million dollar LA mansion. Authenticity incarnate? I think not. Well, Meghan should know all about soap operas, as her life is the biggest one she has ever starred in. When it gets to the stage that the only way to maintain the “ratings” is to bring heartache and despair to our very own Queen, who has dutifully devoted her whole life to her people, it’s time somebody pulled the plug on this self-centred American nobody, some might think serves nobody’s interests but her own.

The irresponsibility of it all is breathtaking. Most damaging of all is the unsubstantiated allegation that some unnamed member of the Royal Family questioned young Archie’s right to eventually become a Prince, on the grounds that there were “worries about how dark he would be”. 

The seeds of a media frenzy to discover who, if anybody, said such an insensitive thing, being sewn without a blush by Meghan, who is proudly “black” herself and was accepted into the Royal Family.

For the record, her son Archie cannot be a Prince, unless or until Charles becomes King. Charles racist, and likely to deny Archie? Not in a million years. The family racist? No way. The Queen is Head of the Commonwealth and the queen of a host of their member states that proudly boast every race under the sun. The idea is preposterous. 

Why did Meghan throw such a ticking time bomb into the morass of despair her antics have already caused the Royal Family? She has made clear it was not the Queen or Prince Philip who spouted forth. Why bother then? The answer? She cannot resist sensationalism and self-promotion. She is a menace. I feel sorry for Harry. She has turned a popular Prince into a laughing stock. No way will she do it to our Queen.

We won’t let her, now will we?


  • stephen smith
    stephen smith
    I completely agree and the sooner we ignore these innuendos the better and start thinking about us not Me Me Me and if i had concerns about my Wife's mental health he should have got it sorted ,But she had other intentions Enough is a Enough stop giving them an audience ?
    3 years ago
  • Gerard lee
    Gerard lee
    A great analysis. I am in total agreement.
    3 years ago
  • Joan Standring
    Joan Standring
    As one who welcomed her as someone who had won dear Prince Harry's heart, and was overjoyed by the wonderful wedding, I now have to say I agree with every word of Steven's article. According to Megan the £35million wedding we all as tax payers contributed to was a sham, as the Archbishop of Canterbury had already conducted the 'real wedding with just the 3 of them days earlier!! The conflicting accounts between MandH left us all trying to decide which one was telling the truth. And as Steven says, once you start throwing stones which will hurt our wonderful Queen for your own self righteousness you have blown it with most of us. As for Harry, sorry, what a disappointment he has turned out to be.
    3 years ago